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The "Dragster Dolley" will help you load and unload your dragster easily. 

No need for lumber and ramps to get into drop-tail trailers!

The Dolley jacks the front chassis 11" off the ground for easy manuevering

and maintenance. Rear end can be lifted too. See below. 

NOTE: Always use jack stands for safety!!


DollySilverturning Dolly1 Gray Handling

 Frontside Curved SaddleSilver w/wheels

Gray Side polished Satin Side Black w/truckw

Rear Jack pict1

Rear Jack pict2

Rear Jack pict3

Disassembled Satin Full Gray Full

Wall mount1 Wall mount2 Wall mount4

FE Dragster

Front Dragster loaded

Rear Lifting

Dragster Dolley can be used for rear maintenance. If your car has a tube 

crossmember under the rear end or between 4 link brackets, the Dragster Dolley 

can lift the rear high enough for maintenance with the straight neck. 

NOT FOR WARMUPS!! All new straight neck Dragster Dolleys include rear lift kit. 

Lifts even 34.5" diameter tires off the ground with supplied 1" spacer and bushings. 

Just pull the wheels. The dolley will rest on the rubber axle bushings.

Curved neck dolleys will need an additional straight saddle for rear jacking.



All tig-welded 4130 chrome moly steel tubing, padded grip

Ball bearing pneumatic truck wheels or custom aluminum cart wheels

Axle width no tires 16", outside tire width 23" truck, 26" race tires

60" handle for leverage, swivel neck for steering in the pits and into trailer

11" Standard lift for typical dragster with 4" front cross bar height

Note: Front of frame must have a crossmember. 

Standard Dolley order includes one saddle. 

Order straight saddle for Undercover type dragsters with straight frame brace

Order curved saddle for rounded front frame members


Pin SaddleCurved Blk SaddleMandM saddle OL

Special Saddles Left - Pin Saddle,  Middle - Standard Curved Saddle,  Right - M&M Saddle

Straight not shown

The Dragster Dolley has removable wheels for easy wall mounting - see mounting kit

Rear Lift - Rear lift uses a straight saddle for cross member under rear

If curved saddle is needed for front, an additional straight saddle is needed for rear


DD-01 Dolley with straight saddle, truck wheels - painted

DD-02 Dolley with curved saddle, truck wheels - painted

DD-03 Dolley with straight saddle, polished 5" x 10" wheels w/ refurb tires - painted

DD-04 Dolley with curved saddle, polished 5" x 10" wheels w/ refurb tires - painted

Note: to keep costs down, used race tires are mounted on new Douglas wheels.


Substitute black anodized wheels for polished - same price

NEW TIRES for polished aluminum rims available - call for pricing

NEW! Wall brackets mount Dolley and Tires on wall out of the way

Custom units can be made for F.E. Dragsters and other situations

Options part numbers

DO-1 Polished Wheels conversion from trk wheels
DO-2 Straight Saddle for straight bar or rear lift
DO-3 Curved Saddle for curved front
DO-4 Pin Saddle for pointed curve bar (special order)
DO-5 M&M Saddle
DO-6 Wall Hanger Kit 


All Dragster Dolleys are custom made chrome moly and tig welded by hand.

If not in stock allow one week for delivery. Call for status.

NOTE: Fedex HOME delivery may require a surcharge.

Standard colors are black and silver painted. 

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