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Koolverter parts
The Koolverter keeps you in the race!

If you have trouble keeping transmission and torque converter temperatures down during round robin drag racing runs, the Koolverter is the answer.  This compact unit mounts in the space between the rear motor plate and the transmission directing cool air to the torque converter and transmission pump.  For more consistent ETs and pump pressure, use the Koolverter. Especially useful with higher-heat spragless converters.




If you HAVE one of these

Or one of THESE


And you WANT one of these






Model PG-1 for Powerglide cars or dragsters with rear motorplates.
Model PG-2 for Turbo 400 applications
Midplate must extend to the bottom of the flexplate for proper mounting. 

Can be adapted for use with half height mid plates. Call for details.

Will not work with overflows mounted in front of trans pan. See pict.


PG-1 Koolverter for Powerglide

PG-2  Koolveter for Turbo400


Transmission Model

Then you need one of these!

The Koolverter PG1 will cool your torque converter and transmission between rounds.

The 7" high quality 4 amp curved blade fan directs cooling air directly to the torque converter and transmission front pump. Why use a leaf blower? Eliminate towing, drive it back!

Use Koolverter in the pits or in the staging lanes with the motor shutdown to get rid of latent heat buildup. Cools the transmission 15 to 20 degrees in 5 minutes.
Koolverter Side Drawing

Koolverter is easy to mount. Just drill two 1/4" holes in the rear motor plate.
All hardware, wiring harness, weatherpack connectors, switch, grade 8 mounting
hardware, and quality 7" 4 amp ball bearing fan. Painted tig welded chrome moly mounts.

Mounted Koolverter